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Default Re: *** Official Guild Wars Thread ***

^^ I went to all the effert to get a pet spider in UW and I was so happy get to play with an L20 pet in the BP groups in FoW in Temple of Ages (ToA) and Tomb of Kings in the desert or wherever. But all the pets in the BP groups kept dying so fast. Just great, I should have known that. So I asked around about that, like what's the point of taking pets on missions. And the experienced people joked in response that well it's a BP group, that's what pets are for, you take your pet to a BP group. Then seriously they admitted that pets are not really a great benefit in killing the enemy. And that there is a coolness factor going on with all the Rangers bringing their pets on missions.

As long as the BP groups are popular I guess I'll use that to get into group missions more often. But having to rez my pet every 5 or 10 minutes, jeesh. Maybe I'm off track about this, hopefully you can tell me it isn't this bad as far a pets dying on harder levels. The coolness thing makes it kind of worth it I guess. At least I think I can do a quick scan to find my dead pet, like holding down the Ctrl or Alt key while scanning. Seems like it would shorten the hunting time a lot for the body if it's possible.

Btw I'd think more would be posting about Factions and the new Japanese levels.
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