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Default Re: I want to try MMORPG, but which one?

Originally Posted by MustangSVT
Lineage II is a VERY VERY VERY bad game. There's like no real story to it, the graphics are just plain awful, and the animation and controls are utter rubbish.

And yes, Vanguard will be a monthly based MMO's.

The only online RPG's that don't cost money but still offer an online experience are (from general knowledge):

Guild Wars
Guild Wars Factions
Neverwinter Nights
Diablo II
Lineage 2 has a very deep story. Heck every update expands on the story and they are the only game that offers free expansion packs. The graphics aswell are great, I don't know where you get that they are awful.

It's a good game just too much time sink and not enough quests.

os008, Yes It will require a monthly subscription just like all other REAL MMORPGs.
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