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Originally posted by saturnotaku
This site has been posting news on other graphics cards for a long time now. It hasn't been a problem then and I don't think it's one now. It's all a matter of priorities. First comes news from NVIDIA, then anyone else. Stuff is bound to get missed because we're human. And as has been said, this site is being run out of people's free time and out of the goodness of their hearts.
You are right, Saturnotaku, It's true they post on other graphic cards. The majority of the news are Nvidia. Which is obvious because it's a nVidia Fan based site. When they have the time they post on other news. But the first and most priority is Nvidia based news. If they want to seriously get away from the stigmata of the Fan based, you would be expecting equal amounts of news. Catalyst 3.2 was released yesterday. I haven't seen any mobile 9600 news posts on here. I know i'm so damn nitpicky but just writing what I've seen.

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