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Originally posted by Yelapaboy
Oh yeah and "Off my favorites list if this keeps up" well, sometimes I say stupid things.
Emotional brainfart gladly forgiven, it takes some cajones to stand up and admit it.

As for how much control/influence nVidia has over nVnews, that's a bit of a bone of great contention among a number of interested parties right now. This is an independantly owned site, but they do (obviously) have an nVidia bias and contacts within nVidia. I'm sure nVidia has been giving this site it's usually "unhappy nVidia" treatment and generally trying to make life aggravating for them whenever there is dissing nVidia news put up...but none of the staff have really complained of it and they still seem to be on good terms.

So the answer I guess is decide for yourself, there really is no hard and fast answer. Myself I happen to think the folks here who run this place are good people who try like hell to play fair and can make your own decision.
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