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Originally posted by OWA
Having said that, I've been wanting to try a FX card just to see if I can live with the noise (which I doubt will be acceptable) but I haven't been able to find one either and Best Buy keeps giving me different dates every time I ask them. The Tom's Hardware review also has me a little worried (I guess it's the 16 vs 32 bit precision deal that some have already mentioned).
I've been 100% nvidia until I replaced my GF4600 with a 9700pro last fall. I can never resist trying out the lastest card that's available. I'll probably get a radeon 9800 pro 256 when it shows up. However, since I do love to play with new hardware, I went ahead and ordered a Geforce FX from Newegg. I've got a waterblock ready to slap on it when it arrives. (The fact that the ATI Cat3.2 drivers broke all the half life based games probably pushed me over the edge into trying the FX.)

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