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First, did you install the nvidia driver for the chipset?
"NVIDIA_nforce-1.0-0248.src.rpm" can be used to create the rpm for the install.
This file provides function for the onboard NIC and sound card.
If the NIC is working, it should have also found the sound card.
from a terminal window, try typing "modprobe i810_audio" (without the quotes).
If that starts the sound, then you can add this command to the start up file called...../etc/rc5.d/S99local Notice the S in S99local is upper case. Use the editor of your choice and just put the command in on the last line. I also use this area to "tweak" my hard drive settings. I am using the line "hdparm -c3 -d1 -u1 -X69 /dev/hda" to increase perfomance with a Western Digital harddrive of recent vintage (ata100 7200 rpm).
In order to edit the file above, you will need to be logged in as root. From the terminal window, type "su" and hit enter, then give it your root password. Now you can edit the file.

Hope this helps;

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