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Default Re: *** Official Guild Wars Thread ***

Thanks Fragtastik. There kind of a reason I didn't know about the heal pet in radius before this and that's because I had runners get me through most of the game. Even had a guy level me up from L12 to L20 in the desert over two days. Took our time and I paid him and wham a L20 ranger. I got my large gold supply from eBay. I remember being level 12 surrounded by all level 20s on various maps and they would tease me and ask me to join clans to teach me.

I know that sounds bad but I'm going back and learning the game. After the leveling up to 20 I got ascension in the desert albeit with runners. And I got infused and when I got the additional rangers mask went back on another infusion run. And learned to get different armor for UW and running players in early levels. And so with a new vest or other piece I went back to the mountains to get that infused. Yeah I run new people for free in easier maps. All basic stuff sure. Now I'm getting into FoW and maybe some armor there but someone said the ranger FoW armor isn't any stronger so maybe that's just for fun?
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