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Default Re: Well, duh!

Originally posted by digitalwanderer
I know that, you know that, most of the people on this board know that...heck, I'd even wager that nVidia knows that.

What I'm asking is are there any HARD NUMBERS besides the 5800 Ultra on the 'review drivers' that show it beating the 9700 Pro in a head-to-head?

Seriously, I think it's a good/important/signifigant little point. If nVidia is going to be claiming, "they've regained the gaming crown", I'd really like to know what they're basing it on.

If they're basing it on the 'review drivers' numbers, fine and cheesy; if they're basing it on something else I'd like to hear/know about it before I give 'em my new official title....
The numbers show the FX 5800 Ultra smoking the ATi Radeon 9700 Pro in Tetris Baby!!!! Hehehehehehehe. I'm just waiting for the damn cards to show up in retail. I'm wondering if eVGA feels stupid now. They posted some time clock and guess what that clock expired 6 days ago! LOL... How do you feel eVGA? Hehehe.

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