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Talking Re: GeForce3 Ti 500, DVI, Ubuntu-Dapper, Driver 8756

There was a lot of options in the config file I was trying, I left the "ConnectedMonitor" one in because I figured it couldn't hurt. (I initially put it in because my monitor is getting no signal at all - I thought the video card might've been trying to display via the vga port.) Anyway, I've removed that option, compiled the nvidia module (rather than using the pre-combiled dapper one) and am still having the same problems.
Please find my bug-report logfile attached - I've also attached the outputs from the /proc directory that the logfile says it couldn't find - I ran the script in a "safe mode", after rebooting, after X crashed with the nvidia drivers (to catch the Xorg.log file before it got replaced with a new one), so it didn't have a lot of modules etc installed.
Hopefully something in this stands out as obvious and easy to fix!
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