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Originally posted by SurfMonkey
So I would say that if you just wanted to play games and not stand around and look at the scenery then, yes the GF FX is the fastest card you can buy (and that maybe by clockspeed only ). Otherwise... who cares
I guess that's the real difference..

A m8 of mine is heavily into online gaming and has Q3 tweaked like I'd never seen b4, looked absolutely hideous but played like butter.

On the other hand I play with way more eyecandy on because I'm not some FPS nut. In games like Splinter Cell and Deus Ex you want as much eyecandy as possible as they're about immersion, especially DeusEx as it's FP.

I want a card that can give the fps with lots of eyecandy.. atm that doesn't seem to be an FX based card. I think nV35 might raise the nVidia IQ level a little tho, hopefully they'll take the criticism they're getting seriously (and not stick their heads up their ass like 3Dfx did when challenged about 16bit colour - people DO care about IQ!).

What I find most ironic about all this is the hardcore nVidiot reviewers on some publications touting the FX's 128bit precision above ATI's 96bit, completely ignoring the fact that at 128bit precision the FX's performance suffers noticeably. The claim that ATI only just supports DX9 looks a little shaky when to gain FPS they drop precision to 64bit, below the DX9 minimum of 96bit (yet ATI happily toodles along at it's "bare minimum" 96bit).

There's so much BS and bias flying around..

btw DigiWand, if someone posted a similar thread at Rage3D they'd get flamed all to hell, I'm amazed nobodies went off the deep end yet..

To answer the topic Q tho, I don't see the FX Ultra as King. But neither is the 9800 (or 9700).

I think the brand loyalty for each is strong enough for the weaknesses of each card to be forgiven and a purchase made.

Personally I think the FX is a pile of w*nk and I wouldn't touch it with a bargepole, but I hate unecessary noise and heat; I didn't spend a pile of money on a CM case with low dB fans and a Rheo just to negate it all with a gfx card.
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