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Originally posted by Moose
Well, from the benches I've seen (with cheesy drivers) it wins slightly when there is no AA or AF on.

It wins slightly with AA and AF are on AS LONG AS IQ IS NOT MATCHED.

If you turn on AA and AF AND match quality it loses, very badly in some cases.

It wins slightly in DX9 with 12 or 16 bit drivers but it gets is ass handed to it when it is run with the 43.00 drivers.

So IMO, if the image quality is matched it loses pretty much across the board.

If you don't care how things look on the screen then it wins slightly.

Either way it is very loud, very hot and nowhere to be seen.

I'd hardly call that a win at all.
I'm not disagreeing with you on any of that...but on WHICH set of drivers is that based on is my big question?

They're pinning their "victory" on the 'review drivers' unless I'm badly mistaken, which means they ain't only not king but they cheated to try and usurp the title.

EDITED BITS: This got posted while I was posting

Originally posted by Grrrpoop
btw DigiWand, if someone posted a similar thread at Rage3D they'd get flamed all to hell, I'm amazed nobodies went off the deep end yet..
You'll get a chance to see how accurate that statement is, once a bit of other fun dies down there I'm gonna pose the same question over there to see the response.
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