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Default openGL freezes after a couple of minutes (GeForce 6150)

ASUS CSM MOBO (6150/430), AMD 64 3800+

I can run glxgears or a openGL game for a couple of minutes then the system freezes and I have to do a hard reboot.

I have used both the driver script from nvidia and the driver package from livna. I have recreated the problem with FC4_64, FC5_64, and FC5_386. When I initially install the OS and driver, the openGL app will run quite a bit longer (maybe 10 minutes) before crashing. After that, about three minutes is the maximum time it will run. I have tried kernel parameters (noapic acpi=off pci=conf1) and various xorg.conf options to no avail. I have tried the latest BIOS (1001) and all previous versions. I checked the CPU temp after reboot and it looked good.

I can play games on Windows without a problem and I can also encode video in Linux without a problem. I couldn't locate the bug script, but I'll figure out why and post a bug report soon. I have combed through the info the bug report will provide and haven't seen any errors (except for agp aperture too small in the system log and I don't know why I care since this has an integrated PCI GPU).
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