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I wouldn't bother with artifact tester. Artifacts only tell you if your memory is clocked to high (not the GPU), and the test patterns used by artifact tester aren't large enough to test your whole video ram, only a few K of it.

I had several games display artifacts when artifact tester found none.

Here is what I test with:

GPU : The nVIDIA Wolfman Demo - Its the most likely program I have to overheat the GPU and cause a system hang. I know that if Wolfman runs for a few minutes, that my GPU can handle anything at the speed I have it at.

RAM : Return to Castle Wolfenstein - I saw artifacts in this when my memory was too high, even though other games were ok. Put the texture detail to max, 32 bit, UNCOMPRESSED, detail textures with high res and FSAA. This should stress test the majority of your video ram, even if you have 128 meg of it. If you see no artifacts then your RAM can handle the speed you have it at.

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