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Default Re: Are there NVidia driver for OpenBSD 3.8 ?

OpenBSD's stance is against "binary blobs". Because OpenBSD implements security features, such as stack protection, encrypting, and execution restrictions, rest assured that the amount of effort required to get the NVidia drivers to work with OpenBSD's X11 implementation and kernel are not worth the effort to NVidia. There is no FreeBSD compatibility in either userland or kernelspace on OpenBSD.

OpenBSD might not be able to prevent NVidia from porting it, but even with demand most of the OpenBSD core developers could care less about proprietary drivers. This is the reason OpenBSD is so much more secure, they don't take no for an answer when it comes to fixing bugs or implementing security. You could sorta say that it's a bug to allow proprietary drivers to interoperate with a security focused system, for they claim that without the source of a driver, there is no way to audit the security to the degree they need to. OpenBSD constantly audits their tree, and does not accept commercial drivers because of the fact that their stance is to keep the tree open, accessible, and safe.

Sorry to say this, I don't use OpenBSD for this reason. It's a bit too liberal, and can be compared to the GPL despite being a "BSD". The ironic part is that the GPL licensed Linux kernel was the first non-Windows operating system supported by NVidia, and there are no commercial companies behind the BSDs, while there are probably 10 commercial Linux distributions. Sad but true. Use FreeBSD if you like BSD but want your twinview, composite, and proprietary drivers. I am not against NVidia myself, I have a PNY Verto GeForce FX 5700 Ultra AGP and a PNY Verto GeForce FX 5200 Dual-Head PCI, running on FreeBSD. I'm mad about Macromedia Flashplayer support right now myself, NVidia even provides Solaris drivers, what else could you really ask for, besides the source which ATI would love to have?

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