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Default Re: GeForce3 Ti 500, DVI, Ubuntu-Dapper, Driver 8756

I'm not on that computer at the minute, so I can't attach the X log - but isn't it included in the nvidia-bug-report.log anyway? I had a look, and what's listed in there is the output after the failed start of X with the nvidia drivers.

By CRT mode, do you mean with the monitor hooked up via a VGA caple rather than DVI? I haven't tried that because it's a bit (lot) of a pain to move things around so I can change the cables over. I didn't try setting the ConnectedMonitor option to CRT, because I've only got it hooked up with the DVI connection. If you think that's worth trying then please let me know and I'll dig out a VGA cable from somewhere.

I looked through the information on ConnectedMonitor settings, and thought that it simply specified which of the video outputs to use, VGA(CRT) DFP(DVI) or TV(S-Video) rather than using auto-detection. Is there more to it than that?

Thanks for the help so far.
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