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Default Is there anyone playing Guildwars FActions?

I have been amazed by how uninpressive the latest trailers of factions . it looks like the developers are trying to emulate the rainbow look of World of warcraft with their latest expansion.. a Graphics Style i really dislike. and to make things worse it look like their main focus with faction is more PvP than its Roleplay part. THe majority of their marketing material have been focused to the PvP in the game. using contest to promote PvP in the game.I think this is a Plain Wrong on their part. Pvp should be a Bonus in the game NOt its main feature. i dont think other ROleplaying games online (called MMOs)are so hot in sales because of its PvP features. For PVP the original game already have more than enough action and 2 new players will not make enough diference to justify the purchase of what they call a "new game". but in reality looks more like an small upgrade and expansion to the original game.

Im somewhate amazed about the near zero disussion of faction in any forum , I dont have the game yet ,and most likely will buy it ,just for the sake of curiosity.but still wondering is the game as a sequel is as unimpresive as it seems. It seems to me by looking at the trailers ,and and many of the latest screenshots that faction was originally planned as free expansion pack , or a cheaper one ,and that the project was made by third party developers hired ,(since the quality of the graphics looks diferent) to allow the real developers to work on a bigger project in a new engine.

Any comments?

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