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Maybe ATi just took the easy root out? What happens after ARTX? Do ATi have the balls, the cash, and the technical expertise to better this generation? What if with ARTX they blew their load?

Maybe FP24 was simple, but does it actually push us anyway forward? It's already in the spec, yesterdays news for developers. In the R350 they included the F-buffer, hmmm where does that fit in? Or is it a simple way into the offline rendering market.

Kudos to ATi, they took the simple and cheap way out and it works. But will it take us any further into a future that isn't one vision other than M$'s... naaah. And now I'm not knocking ATi, they made a smart decision. But was it future proof. I don't know, and nobody does until it happens
What does this have to do with the Nv30 being designed correctly???

Fp24 is not simple. Its 96bit floating point color for crying out loud. Give me a break man.... yesterdays news?? I think you better go figure out what you are talking about and come back. Its pretty clear you are associating FP16/24/32 with something its not. Simple and cheap way out.. um ok.. I guess you are trying to say something mean about ATi?? It might actually work if you would go figure out what the Terms of the disccusion mean first.

Trust me, The next generation is going to impress all. This is not fanboy talk.
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