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Default Im returning to Everquest :(

So SOE finally did something I like... They are creating a new server for the original Everquest called "Progression Server". Basically it contains all the expansions but only the original game is active, you need to beat each game and activate them in order... basically there will be a quest or boss that once beaten would allow players to travel to the next expansion.

This is a great idea, gives the community a goal to work towards insted of just killign raid mob after raid mob. It also allows a fresh start, new toons (no transfers) and new economy.

The original Everquest had some of the most amazing dungeons as did Kunark and Velious, this basically brings them back into focus since players will have to progress throughout the game and unlock the other areas.

Im sooo stoked for this, its something I wanted for a long time (basically a classic server witha twist). They haven't announced a date yet for it to go live but im prepared!
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