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Default Re: Noobs posting For Sale Threads

Originally Posted by Monolyth
Qlitch bought 2x7800GTX's off me for $400 buckaroos I'd say that was a "steal" no?

Speaking of which how are they running?

PS - I may not have a high post count, but I don't post on the spam threads, and usually have some form of content to my posts.
That was a HELLA good deal. I think only one of the heatsinks fell off, which was amazing considering that they don't stick at all.

One I sold for $225 to a guy at work. I tried it in SLI for a while, but my damn NV Silencer on the other card was taking up too much room. I have to eject the heat from the card with the silencer or I get lots of thermal, I use dual monitors and switching back and forth from SLI is a pain and not the most stable thing to do.

The other card is rocking in my girl's system. She's been playing every SNES rom known to man recently, but I've got the Sims2 with every expansion on there right its getting pushed a little. I'm going to trick her into Oblivion and some others as soon as possible, though.

And this was when you had...what...under 10 posts or so? It was very low, but this guy has turned out to be a good member so far and gave me a damn good deal.

That being said, I'm glad we have the newbie nazi on patrol! (K-dog)
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