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Originally posted by Hellbinder
Trust me, The next generation is going to impress all. This is not fanboy talk.
First of all, let me insist on the fact that the rumored R400 info *does* impress me.


1. Does ATI have working R400 samples right now?
2A. If they do, does it work as intended?
2B. If they don't, you've got no idea if it isn't going to be even more bug ridden than the NV30.

If you got to 2A and responded "Yes", then please say so and I'll shud up

But otherwise, I think it's unfair to already declare it as the world's best thing. Problems *can* happen. Your post about the NV30 above prooved it, so thanks for doing it for me

The R400 is a very ambitious architecture. And anything ambitious can go very wrong, very fast.

I'd love it if ATI delivered with the R400. From the very little we know, it's could be an absolutely amazing card.
But then again, so could have been the NV30. If the NV30 had anywhere near the theorical performance according to 8x500, then it would have owned the R300 in every PS limited benchmark.
Sounds like the R300 OwNz it, however...

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