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Cool Re: openGL freezes after a couple of minutes (GeForce 6150)

I had read in another post that setting Video Ram to 16MB in the BIOS would improve stability (I don't know if it has any effect on GLX specifically). When I went into BIOS, I thought to myself that I should try 0 MB first. Well, now I hear 1 long beep and 3 short beeps during POST and then the black screen. Seems like I will have to reset CMOS to get it to boot again. I'll try 16MB if my board isn't fryed, yet...

EDIT: I cleared the CMOS and set the video ram to 16mb. I booted up and was able to play to full games of Cannon Smash before the system locked up and I was forced to do a hard reboot. It does seem to run fine when I set the graphics mode to simple in Cannon Smash. Maybe this 6150 GPU just can't handle GLXGEARS (and other complexly textured 3D objects) running for too long... I suppose it may be due to cheap RAM or the GPU getting overheated (I have tried two different brands of cheap RAM).

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