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Default Re: Im returning to Everquest :(

id never go back to everquest if not because it would cost $100 in expansions before I could raid with my guild again. ^^ I have been playing wow for a little over a year now and just deactivated my account a second time due to just not being happy with the end game (I've got my epic gear, and the fact that each new high end dungion is a factor tougher then the last, its a repeat syndrome of beating your head against the same encounter for weeks, months, to pass it. Atleast in everquest there was usualy multiple raids available for you to switch off of, no "one" raid we would keep doing day after day) and pvp is still broken as hell due to the horde imbalance on every server making battlegrounds a HUGE time sink for any alliance.

So I now am playing Guild Wars. So far I like it, quest are pretty good, fights are good if not marginaly quicker then I am used to. Its kind of like what dungion siege 2 should have been if you look at it from a single player perspective. Quest are every bit WoW quality, the land is fairly explorative but clearly not as much as MMORPGs. Best of all, I can usualy find people to play with at all times of the day.
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