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Default Re: Im returning to Everquest :(

Originally Posted by jeffmd
So I now am playing Guild Wars. So far I like it, quest are pretty good, fights are good if not marginaly quicker then I am used to. Its kind of like what dungion siege 2 should have been if you look at it from a single player perspective. Quest are every bit WoW quality, the land is fairly explorative but clearly not as much as MMORPGs. Best of all, I can usualy find people to play with at all times of the day.
Your opinions of Guild Wars are the same ones I use to have. However, once you hit lvl 20 there really isnt much to do and you hit lvl 20 so fast. The time it takes to hit lvl 20 in Guild wars is equal to what it takes you to get to lvl 10 on Everquest, and everquest has a what? lvl 70 limit? Guild Wars has SOOO much potential, its sad to see it go to waste with such a low lvl.
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