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Kris Moore
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Question PC-BSD 1.0 Driver?

I wasn't sure who to contact with this, so I figured I'd try in the forums first. I'm one of the developers of PC-BSD (, which is a FreeBSD based desktop OS. The nVidia driver works well on version 1.0, since it is running FBSD 6.0 under the hood.

PC-BSD uses its own special software installer called PBI or PC-BSD Installer. This is very similar to InstallShield under Windows, with the file being self-extracting & installing, but also VERY easy for end users to work with.

My question is thus: Would it be possible for nVidia to release a version of the FBSD driver packaged up as a PBI file for PC-BSD? If not, I wanted to make sure that there isn't anything with the driver license that would prevent us from making our own special PBI installer of the driver.

Thanks in advance!
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