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Originally posted by SurfMonkey
So I would say that if you just wanted to play games and not stand around and look at the scenery then, yes the GF FX is the fastest card you can buy (and that maybe by clockspeed only ). Otherwise... who cares
The only problem with this is that my old TI4600 could play games extremely fast with no eyecandy turned on. That wasn't enough for me. I wanted both. I wanted high FPS and to have high levels of AA and AF on all the time. Once you have seen the IQ that these features provide without a huge FPS penalty, there just in no going back. 4xAA and 16xAF is the minimum quality of eyecandy that is acceptable to me. The R9700 can do this in every game I have and still provide a very decent FPS. From what I've seen of the GFFX this is not the case.

If a person is only concerned about playing at a high FPS with no thought of good IQ then there is no point to get either card at this point since the last generation could play games just fine.

I thought the whole point of the dawn of cinematic age of computer games was to provide both high speed and IQ that rivals movie quality.

IMO the R9700 (and higher) come much closer to acheiving this than the GFFX. Just look at the benches all over the net. The R9700 smokes the GFFX when the highest IQ settings are used.
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