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Default Re: Hd Wmv 6600gt Agp

Originally Posted by ccsharry
Anyone else has problem running HD WMV with 6600GT AGP?
nVidia's aware of the problem. Forceware 84.56 allows the VMR modes to work ( once again ) with KB888656 but there isn't any DXVA ( DirectX Video Acceleration ).

Beginning with FW 79.xx they forced the VMR modes to playback in the vanilla overlay as there were audio sync issues with the VMR modes with DXVA enabled. This has been fixed with FW 84.56, but you'll find that WMV HD playback in VMR High Quality mode will be really slow and CPU intensive now since there's no DXVA and that it's actually running in VMR HQ mode. If you need WMV HD acceleration, you could go back to forceware releases between 67.03-78.05 ( say 77.77 ) you should find that VMR DXVA will work with audio sync issues with the trailers from:

nVidia's been fixing bugs. A long standing bug with AMD 76x/Athlon MP chipsets has apparently been fixed with 84.56, or so some people have posted at
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