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Default Problems with nvsound module

Hello there!! I've just installed Suse 10.0... and I have downloaded nvidia drivers for my system.
Now, I have a big problem with sound.

I have a MSI K7N2 Delta 2 LSR mainboard (with a nForce 2 Chipset)... and the sound is not working. I have done everything... everything in the installation/configuration guide from nVidia.
I've modified the 'sound' file configuration... I removed the 'alias sound-slot-0 i810_audio' entry and added the following entries:

alias sound-slot-0 nvsound
alias snd-intel8x0 off
alias i810_audio off

but the sound won't work...

Please... can anybody help me or give me some suggestions, tips, tricks... etc???

Thank you!!
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