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I own a radeon 9700 pro and it works great in my sony oem pc with(agp 4x, limited bios settings etc, etc. ). Anyway I built a system ( see specs below, pc 1) with an asus p4s8x mobo that has some real good features such as ddr400 (which dont work, I can only get a little better that ddr333 speeds) and oc features (which I dont use). This board does have a history of problems with the radeon 9700 pro but I really think its a compatibility issue between mobo and 9700 pro. Although buying another mobo is cheaper (which may not have all the features I want) it is easier to swap video cards. So here I go spending $400 bucks. Im very tired of all my games either freezing which they mostly do or kicking me back to my desktop. I cant take it anymore so I bought one of the geforce fx cards (oem ) from newegg and im hoping it will get here by this friday. Whats important to me is agp8x, directx 9 card and high clock speeds. Unfortunately I cant run any games longer than a couple of minutes w/o freezes or crashes. I have every current driver for my mobo, sis chipset(agp & ide), video card, sound card you name it including a rage3d tweak for my ati card. All has failed me. The weird part is that I can run 3dmark 2003 fine so why does my games freeze after a few minutes????? Anyway I hope I get it and it solves my problems. Ill keep you guys posted.
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