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Default Re: Cant edit my profile

Originally Posted by -=Gib-McFragger=-
Heh. It wasn't me guys, I don't have the powers to screw with your accounts, and if I DID, I still wouldn't. I do edit the occasional post to mess with your minds, but that's as far as I would ever go. I AM responsible when I have to be.
Well, beyond editing Qlitch's thread title, you did go to hide some of my posts so as to negatively affect my post count after I made the 4k post "land mark" thread Then when I recovered my post count, commented that I was posting too fast to selectively hide/remove my posts

Well, they were all restored after all was said and done, and you were quite up front about it, so that's the good that

So yeah, when something strange happens, the first thought "Gib mighta done it" comes to mind. Actually, you could change your user descrip to the mod prangster. It would actually fit
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