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Default Re: SiN Episodes Feedback Thread

So far...NOT IMPRESSED. Not one bit. It's an "average" HL2 "mod" through-and-through with constant reuse of the same textures and animations. I've been playing for a little less than an hour and there wasn't one thing that made me say "wow, I'm glad I bought this."

Graphics are average at the best. It uses the Source engine but looks exactly like HL2 in most regards. There is no HDR even though I thought all future Source projects would incorporate it. Character models are OK but nothing spectacular. Sound is decent and voice acting is will done.

The weapons so far don't feel right at all. The pistol fires very slowly and the shotgun doesn't seem powerful enough. Each weapon has an alternate fire but, again, nothing special and definately nothing we didn't see in, say, Unreal which was released a decade ago. There are melee attacks but not too useful yet.

I'll play the episode through until the end but unless things pick up really soon this game will go down in history as just an average sequel to an average FPS that was lost in the pile of other average games.
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