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Post recently had to replace my 6600

I replaced my msi 6600 with a Leadtek A6600 TD 256MB card, anyway getting to my point, I was reading the article here >
It explains that flashing the bios to sparkle 6600 or a asus 6600 improves the overclocking of the card. Anyway I tried flashing my card with a sparkle bios from that site mentioned in the article, upon a reboot i got a garbled screen, so i reboot and hit f8 and blindly using a boot cd i used ntfs 4 dos to flash my original bios back onto the card. (i wrote down all the keys i had to press to get to the dos prompt) seeing as i could'nt see what i was doing

Did i do something wrong? is some special sparkle 6600 bios i need for this flash? i only used the one that matched my clock speeds , the other was 75hz difference i think. from here >
my ard the A6600 is the one discribed in the article, well so it seems, i'm wondering why the flash failed? i was interested to see if the overclocking would be improved but since the flash failed im back to sqaure one....anyone with a A6600 done this?

never mind, decided to post on the forum at seems to be my best bet for help on this.
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