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wow I am surprised at the amount of people that do not play MMOGs that posted and that so few of the people that do play them had a comment on this.

Being new to this type of game, only played for about 6 months now, I find the whole online friends thin a very interesting byproduct of the games. I belong to a large super group, like a guild, and have made some friends that basicly any time we are on-line togeather we work it out so we can be on the same team. Then we chat about the same normal things I chat about w/ my "real life" friends. But there is just some thing about this type of friend ship that is strange. I mean what if one of us is having a bad day? Will the other put them selves out of playing the game to talk to you about it? I have seen other people in our group do this but for the click I am part of it has not come up.

I guess since I play such a goody goody type hero I would stop playing to talk to them if they wanted me to. But in reality I do not even know who I am talking to. Could be a old lady in France or a teen ago kid in collage here in the US. When I think about that aspect it kinda freaks me out.
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