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Default Vanguard coming to PS3?!?!

Just a rumor but the Vanguard forums are exploding with speculation, especially after a recent listing on Sigil's Career page...

Console Programmer

We have immediate need for someone to investigate Sigil products on console systems. Qualified candidates will be faced with a bleeding edge platform with which to stretch the boundaries of console gaming. Applicants with the following properties should feel welcome to apply:

* 5 years programming experience
* 4 years C++ experience
* 4 years professional, team-oriented game programming experience
* At least one shipped title using the Xbox platform with significant contribution to success
* Experience with common console concerns such as memory management, disc access, streaming, gamma, etc.
* 2 years graphics experience with D3D required
* Experience with shaders preferred
* Experience with MMOGs preferred
* Familiar with latest modeling tools; specifically maya
* Mature, team-focused software development methodology
* Comfortable working with and re-working an existing code base
* Excellent oral and written communication skills
* Online game design experience and/or know-how
* Experience maintaining large code bases
* Hardcore, avid gamer
So unless they are making a new MMORPG for consoles, It looks like Vanguards might find its way to PS3. I say PS3 insted of X360 because recently Sigil purchased all publishing rights from Microsoft and signed a contract to allow SOE to publish their title (though mantaining all rights to the product).

Very interesting...
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