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Default Re: SiN Episodes Feedback Thread

Well im very happy with it, It looks and feels just like SiN, everything from the colours to the menu screens are very much SiN.

Some drawbacks to using the source engine are that some dialogue boxes are the same as HL2 except for the colour and yes it does have the occasional hitch (no stuttering though, just a tiny light hitch once in a while).

The gameplay is great and the opening sequence is cool, I love the fact that as you run out the Lab your running through an area from SiN 1, the voice acting is excellent and the story is well presented.

Weapons are good, the Magnum is mental and well balanced, shotgun feels powerful and the nades are great.

Enemy AI is good, troops move to cover etc etc - the only dumbness comes from the mutants which you would expect to be dumb.

Sounds is very good, way above most.

All in all Episode One was well worth the wait - Good job Ritual, well done.
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