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Default Re: SiN Episodes Feedback Thread

I enjoyed it mostly, weapons in general seemed pretty good. I really didn't like the recoil on the machine gun, I hate having to fight against recoil.

Didn't really have the quips in the first game but in general a much better experience. The huge downside is how it got infinitely hard after the first mutant boss guy, to give you an example of how hard it became - half my total deaths were on the last "level" of the game. :/

Took me 5 hours to beat, I did stop timing when I was dying continuosly but I think content wise it was very much worth it. Level design seemed really good and performance was pretty comparable with HL2. Effects seem well done in general, the grenade effect and the hologram displays for example. If it didn't get so ridiculously difficult in the last 1/3rd of the game I'd rate it quite highly.
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