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Default Re: Vanguard coming to PS3?!?!

Originally Posted by |MaguS|
Actually from what I read on the forums, they said they would not bring it to a console if it ment they had to change the game... If its the PS3 theres no reason the game wouldn't run on it considering its using only the Unreal Engine 2...

Why else would they be looking for a Console Programmer for a MMORPG title? I dout they have the team size to work on two different titles at once...
"only the Unreal Engine 2"

Come on now Magus. You and I know there is nothing "only" about that EXTREMELY MODIFIED engine. I'll just leave my comment at that before I get myself in trouble.

edit: Back on topic. Did you ever stop to think that maybe they wanted a console developer because he might have experience APPEALING to console gamers? Console gamers and PC gamers usually like different things. Maybe the console developer can help bring some console gamers to the PC world.
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