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Default K7N2-L with Mandrake 9.1

Hi All,

Linux virgin here (although been using and abusing various computers for 18 years ;o))

My problem is with the onboard ethernet for the board. I've downloaded and set-up the latest drivers NVIDIA_nforce-1.0-0248.mdk90up_2.4.19_16.athlon.rpm but it's still not behaving.

Here's where I am so far:

modules.conf lists the network card as: alias eth0 nvnet ;as it's supposed to apparently.

However, in Mandrake Control Centre in the Networking Section it is listed as per below:

Vendor: NVidia Corporation
Bus: PCI
Bus ID: 10DE:66:1462:570C
Location on Bus: 0:4:0
Descriptiom: nForce2 MCP Networking Adaptor
Module: Unknown <--- Now my techie instinct says this is the problem (odd that!!) How do I fix it? Any clues?

Oh and when I looked at the PCI bus specs, for the ethernet card it said "Unknown device" even though it listed it as an ethernet card??

Any and all help gratefully received


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