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Default Re: Vanguard coming to PS3?!?!

I asked about the PS3 thing, and no one would comment. I asked Brad also (off camera) about the switch from MS to SOE...He basically backed up everything you guys have said (retaining full controle). I also asked him and some of his employees about station exchange. They all said they are adamantly against it and there is no way it would work with Vanguard as it wasn't built with "exchange" type gameplay in mind. When pushed about going back to Sony, Brad said something like "I will do WHATEVER it takes to make this game the best that it can be, because I promised that to the players. It just so happens that going back to SOE was better for Vanguard". (I am paraphrasing, but it was very close to that.) Also, check out the E3 Forums later tonight or tomarrow morning for some Vanguard video. There is some in game footage, a "character creation walkthough" with a dev narrating, and a nice little intro by the man Brad himself I'm not posative at this point if I will be able to go back tomarrow, but if I do, I will be happy to ask any questions you guys might want answered...
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