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Default Re: Vanguard coming to PS3?!?!

They've confirmed that flying mounts are to be in at launch.

Of'll probably need to be near max lvl before you can get one and they'll likely be very very expensive...but oh my god. Flying mounts. And they won't be on rails, ala EQ2 and WoW griff's. You'll have total control. Imagine you and your whole guild on flying mounts. That is some serious mobilisation right there. I haven't even begun to think of the pvp opportunities.

More thoughts...Brad has talked before about mounted combat (mounted as in horses). He said they are planning it but it won't make release because he wanted it done properly. I wonder if this would extend to arial combat. Whole guilds clashing in the air. Dog fights. That's mind blowing.

nrdstrm, thanks for the info. Hope you get that vid sorted, if not, any more info is welcomed!
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