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Default Re: SiN Episodes Feedback Thread

Originally Posted by |MaguS|
Wow! Best Mod Ever!

Seriously... this feels so much like a mod... while the animations are good the levels look poorly constructed. Voice acting is probably the only thing that seems to point to a nonmod feel other then that its not worth the cost... I can get better gameplay from free mods.

and yes, there is stuttering and performance drops. I can run Lost Coast perfectly smooth but this gives me worse performance and stuttering... I never got stuttering not even when HL2 originally released...

It feels far too much like a mod and the art and design in the game is pretty poor. The gun skins/models look awful and when my brother walked in the room he actually asked me why I was playing HL1 again. It looks awful in my opinion.

The game also runs pretty poorly for me too. I get a LOT of stuttering even though I didn't get any stuttering issues in HL2 or CS:S at all!

I do like the gore though, shooting people in the face is very satisfying. The music/sound is very good too. I just wish it played and looked as good.
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