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Default Re: SiN Episodes Feedback Thread

I think the episodes are kind of cool. $20 for 5-6 hours is the same as $40-$50 for 10-12. Seems to be priced right, but what I really like is we don't have to wait for the other 6 hours to be developed, we get to play whats available right away and have more to look forward to later on.

I just started the game but so far I like it. The graphics are good, especially considering the level of performance you get. I happen to think the source engine has the best graphics of any engine for the speed that it runs at. I know in HL2 it runs about twice as fast as the D3 engine, and it certainly has a lot more than 50% of the graphic quality of D3.

Sin definitly has a HL2 feel to it, but thats fine with me as I really like that feel. The large open envoirnments are something I really really like in games.
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