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Default Re: Gainward Ti4200 card running 1440x900.

Originally Posted by MtViewGuy
While my Gainward Ti4200 128 MB AGP card runs great at 1280x1024 resolution using the Windows XP Professional (SP2) native display driver, I'm thinking of getting a widescreen LCD monitor that supports 1440x900 natively. Problem is, the built-in WinXP drive doesn't support 1440x900; does this mean I have to install the current ForceWare driver to get 1440x900 support?

With the Ti4200 and older drivers, most widescreen monitors which list their EDID resolutions should just work or once you install a monitor INF file . I think some of the issues some people were with 2560x1600 or something like that which required a dual link DVI output. I think since the Ti4200 doesn't have any dual link DVI outputs, that resolution should be available with even older forceware drivers. I'm not 100% sure, but you can make custom resolutions in the nVidia driver control panel.
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