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Default Re: Twinview Metamodes


Thanks alot for that, Ive made a bit of progress I removed the connectedmotior option, and changed the metamodes as you suggested:

Option "MetaModes" "1440x900,1280x1024"
With this change, the second screen now appears to be of the correct resolution as does the first and all distortion is gone .

However there is now a problem, that if i maximize a window on the first screen, it goes behind the taskbar, i.e it dosnt respect the screen boundaries and i am unable to see the status bar of a maximized window without hiding the task bar. This was not a problem that I had before, when there was distortion on screen 2.

It looks like this with a screenshot, as you can see its not working correctly, the firefox window is maximized to screen 1, and also it appears to go down vertically to x1024 pixels i dont know if this is meant to happen...

Any ideas? I also tried changing the screen 1 modes, but this made no difference.

Thanks again for your help
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