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Default Re: *** Official World of Warcraft Thread ***

Hello folks,
this is something I wrote on nvidia's forum about texture shimmering.

Hello everyone,
I have been experiencing a very bad texture shimmering with World of Warcraft and my new ASUS EN7900 GT.
I've been playing this game for a week so far, but it's been 2 weeks that I have been owning this card so I can't bring back this card to the reseller because I'm unsatisfied.
I've been reading on forums that this problem has been up since the times of 6800 series.
One year since then passed and this issue was not solved but just a workaround was provided: setting the quality to high or very high and setting the lod to clamp.
On this topic I could already do a consideration:
tests, benchmark and so on are done on standard settings (which is quality not high quality), high quality drasticly reduces the performance in game, so now my 7900 GT can be compared to a x800xt on the performance side.
But what's more disappointing is that the problem no matter what you do can't be solved with this card:
I tried high quality, lod clamp, force lod to something like 1,2,3 and whatever possible, using AF x16 and antialias 4x (combined, multisempling) by nHancer since combined isn't natively supported.
I've been trying all of the drivers you have provided till now removing each time the old ones accurately:
- driver uninstallation via contro pannel;
- reboot;
- drive cleaner pro under safe mode;
- reboot;
- new driver installation;
- reboot.
Of course, since I'm not stupid, I study computing science at university, that's for the records, I have disabled WFP (windows file protection), so I'm totally sure that dlls and stuff are not replaced with old ones.
Now, this is a discussion I've had with some guys on this topic, because often computing enthusiasts can be more helpful than hardware producers, since when they finish they work hours they don't keep on solving problems.

That's the thread, and these are the videos showing very clearly the problem I'm experiencing, I made these 2 myself. --> this one is with lod bias 0 and clamp on --> this one is with lod bias 3 and clamp on

It's a very bad shimmering. If it was a slight shimmering I wouldn't be complaining. This card costs a bunch of money so a solution must be found otherwise here in Italy this is called fraud and we have severe laws about it.
This issue happens in every game, in wow is just more clear than in other games. There are plenty of forums with this topic and everyone is waiting for a solution.

I wanna add that I've tryed your beta drivers 87.08 and 87.25 which have been released to the public by some customers who needed these drivers for their sli systems. I gave them a try to see if you considered this problem and tryed to solve it. Unfortunately I saw you didn't even consider this issue since the problem stayed exactly the same.
I'm sure you will answer this thread and I hope with good news too.

I have been studying this issue for an entire week and I found no forum, no on line magazine nothing with a solution.
Everyone is waiting for you to have a quick move on this matter.

I can't even think to switch to an ATI 1900GT because I could already read about the heat problems those card surffer of. So it would be like going from the pan into the barbeque.

Some articles on this matter:

This at least says you may solve it:

"Another German web site Computerbase , went a step further. It made a custom driver by changing the inf, where the driver could not recognise 7800GTX and use its optimisations. The card was listed as unknown but was working just fine. But when the guys went testing they noticed a massive performance drop when using those drivers, close to 30 percent and related it to anisotropic filtering. Nvidia has a lot to explain.

3DCenter, for the original article, is here in English while the Computerbase German article is here. We will ask Nvidia what is going on but we think there's something up. At lease the guys proved it isn’t a hardware bug - it's a driver problem only but performance drops dramatically as soon as you resolve it. "

Another website that talks about this problem:

I hope you have some news about this issue on this forum since it's called "nvnews" :P
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