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Default Re: Best MMORPG/RPG For PvP?

eq? eq1? you mean the pvp servers? meh.. of ANY mmorpg, eq has some of the worst pvp because some classes simply cant pvp. In the end game, priest and enchanters are gank fodder (though it has gotten better. For instance the priest have that painfull damage shield proc now, but if you dont have it memmed, consider yourself pwned).

World of warcraft has GREAT pvp, if you could actually play in it. Thanks to the HUGE imbalance between horde and alliance, and only being able to pvp (aside from duels) the opposit faction, youd better hope you like playing horde, cause youd be sitting on your ass for many hours inbetween matches as alliance. But since each class was given alot of strengths allowing for things like high soloability, they can generaly all hold their own against eachother (though you do still have the age old problem of warriors with uber weapons tearing soft armor classes apart).

UO, even less PVP friendly than eq.

DAOC, sorry my info on this game outside of the first few months I playd and promptly quit it is slim. The realm vs realm premis seemed way cool but when I playd, several classes were incomplete let alone balanced.

From my experience, Guild Wars is probably bar none, the best group battle pvp experience (I think theres 1 on 1 arena matches somewhere, not sure. ^^), and while some arenas use flags, they are actually used to "buff" your side while you slaughter eachother. They arnt used as a point system. But guild wars was from the start, designed to be a pvp game (though, as a kind of new guildwars player, I am very surprised at how fleshed out the PvE compaign is. All the reviews made it sound like it was nothing but instances missions and PvP arenas, but there is a HUGE instanced world as well. Not as free roaming as wow or eq, more like Dungion siege 2, but its big).

All the classes are painstakenly balanced, with each one given an absolute buttload of spells that the classes dont share (there is a half dozen assortment of signents, spells all classes can get wich cover a minor heal and a resurection spell with a limited recharge ability) and only 8 of them to carry into a fight, with no switching them around in the middle of a match. That combined with each class mix having 7 ability trees to put abilitie points into (think WoW talents), increasing the strength of the spells under said tree, one monk/necro wont be the same as the next monk/necro you meet on the field. Abilities is very much like WoW's talents, but NCsoft (either for better or worse) is not restrictive with them and anytime you enter a city/outpost you can move around all your points, compleatly reconfiguring your characters strengths without penalty.

That said, since when is Diablo2 a pvp game? Sure I guess you can beat eachother up, but good god, low spell selection, a very small selection of talents (wich if i recall, you can never modify, so if you choose badly..your screwed for life) and what is it..6 classes with expansion? and no hybrid mix of abilities. Sorry..Diablo2 sucks worse then eq1 when it comes to pvp.
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