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Default a7n8x w/redhat 8.0

My kernel ver is 2.4.18-26.8.0. I may have really messed things up here with my a7n8x. In attmempts to align all the hardware with the OS, I found some old 3com drivers that were compiled for an earlier version. A probe gripes about that, but the NIC is working on eth1.

I've also got two drives on this thing - a Seagate 120 and a Maxtor 120. The Maxtor claims an ATA133 bus. I really need some help here - will the 100mhz Seagate slow down the Maxtor if they're on the same cable?

Other than that, I'm hoping this board will find it's due success when all the driver issues settle. IMHO, the only thing it's missing is GB ethernet...
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