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Default Re: WOL with nforce4?

I should add that I also tried to enable this with Donald Becker's pci-config program.
pci-config -#11 -S
was run just before halt. It was followed by
pci-config -#11
which showed D3, and then immediately by halt. The machine went down but would not boot WOL afterwards.

I also tried booting to safe mode, running pci-config -#11 -S, and then
looking at these lines from pci-config -#11
Power management entry ver. 2: Capabilities fe02, Ctrl 0100, Event 0000.
Power state D0.
before and after a magic packet was sent. Nothing changed in the Ctrl mask which
suggests to me that the NIC wasn't configured right or that I'm doing something
else wrong.

Clearly the hardware is fine since WOL works exactly as it should when the machine shuts down from XP.

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