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Default Trouble with Solaris x86 (1/06).

This problem might be easy or difficult to fix; I'm stumped ether way. I have a GF FX 5700 Ultra installed in my x86 system. The NVIDIA drivers install and work great with the 3/05(GA) release of Solaris 10. With the 1/06 (U1) release, fresh install or updated, the system freezes while starting X with the nvidia driver.

It looks like all the devices and links where created and configured correctly (I don't see any difference between GA and U1) and the module is reported as being loaded. I don't have a lot of information about what's happening because the log files are incomplete and don't show any errors.

I've tried every solution that I could find that seemed even remotely related and I'm still stuck. If anyone has any ideas I would be most grateful.
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