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Default Debian 3.0r1 with nForce2 (Shuttle SN41G2)

I'm having a few strange probelsm with debian - woody.

I have got the nvnet module complied and installed (its in the normal place: /lib/mobules/2.4.18/kernel/drivers/net.nvnet.o ) However when i attemp to do a `modprobe -v nvnet` ir just silently returns without an error and without loading the module. The only way so far that i have got the module loaded is to insmod it - but i seem to rememebr that insmod is mad wrt to modprobe.

I also had trouble with the audio drivers - patching failed. I haven't really looked into this problem yet, but any pointers would help.


nForce2 on Suhttle SN41G2
AMD XP 2200+
kernel 2.4.18 custom compliled
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