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Default AGPGART & IOMMU problem with AMD64 & FC5

Hi, I've been searching the forum, but with no luck. I have a Gigabyte K8NSC motherboard, AMD64 3700+ processor, and an NVIDIA 6800 GT (AGP) graphics card. I just bought the motherboard and installed Fedora Core 5. Now I'm faced with not being able to get AGP to work. I've installed kmod-nvidia-1.0.8756- from the livna repository.

dmesg gives me the following messages:

Checking aperture...
CPU 0: aperture @ f0000000 size 32 MB
Aperture from northbridge cpu 0 too small (32 MB)
AGP bridge at 00:00:00
Aperture from AGP @ f0000000 size 4096 MB (APSIZE 0)
Aperture from AGP bridge too small (0 MB)
Your BIOS doesn't leave a aperture memory hole
Please enable the IOMMU option in the BIOS setup
This costs you 64 MB of RAM


agpgart: Detected AGP bridge 0
agpgart: Aperture conflicts with PCI mapping.
agpgart: Aperture from AGP @ f0000000 size 4096 MB
agpgart: Aperture too small (0 MB)
agpgart: No usable aperture found.
agpgart: Consider rebooting with iommu=memaper=2 to get a good aperture.
PCI-DMA: Disabling IOMMU.
I can find no options regarding AGP aperture or IOMMU in the BIOS.

Has anyone come across the same problem and solved it? I'd be very grateful for any help.

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